Equipment Leasing

The profitability of any business is influenced by the degree of capital intensity necessary to operate that business. So a business that relies intensively on the use of capital equipment in its daily operations must have reliable access to flexible funding solutions to ensure equipment is funded in the most appropriate, beneficial and cost effective manner available.

By using equipment finance, your business can raise the capital necessary to fund the acquisition of income producing assets and still retain that precious working capital to fund expenditure on actual operations. Large capital equipment purchases can starve a business of working capital, but are vital investments in business in times of changing technology and markets generally. Equipment finance solutions form a vital part of the mix of funding sources required by successful businesses today.

Boston Business Funding can not only assist you in selecting the commercial finance option best suited to the unique features of your business, we can also assist in structuring finance terms and repayment patterns so that you can fund capital acquisitions and also smooth out the effects of erratic, cyclical or seasonal cash flow patterns.

In most cases, the asset being acquired under the funding arrangement is the only security required without the need for cross-collateralisation with your business’ existing assets. Your business can chose to fund the entire cost of acquisition or simply part of that expenditure. Almost any tangible and non-fixed asset can be acquired using an equipment finance solution, however typical categories include Commercial and Passenger motor vehicles, Earthmoving, Transport, Haulage, Agricultural and Manufacturing machinery.

Boston Business Funding is able to provide your business with all of the main tax effective funding arrangements, each with their own features and benefits. Call Boston Business Funding today on 1300 668 699 to discuss how to secure a Finance Lease, Operating Lease, Commercial Hire Purchase or Chattel Mortgage for your business.

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