Cash Flow Solutions

The immediate and ongoing success of your business is always determined by the level of cash flow and the amount of working capital your business has available at any given time.

Whilst you may impose perfectly sensible terms of trade on your dealings, you can’t control customer behaviour which means that you can not always have complete control over income, therefore putting strain on your critical supplier relationships. Having your cash flow tied up in a stagnant debtors’ ledger will suffocate your business, often without you realising until it is too late.

Sometimes it is not possible to raise working capital through more traditional sources of commercial lending such as equipment finance and bank overdrafts. Perhaps the bank is not interested in using your assets as security or maybe refinancing the family home simply is not an option.

If your cash flow is strained and you are unable to raise working capital when it is required then your business may miss out on new opportunities for growth or, even worse, not be able to keep up in difficult times.

Boston Business Funding is part of the Boston Group which has a long history of involvement with businesses of all sizes that sell or provide goods and services on credit terms. So we understand exactly what those businesses who sell on credit expect and we understand just how frustrating it can be for your business to see opportunities pass you by simply because you have working capital tied up in outstanding receivables.

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